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A Japonize Elephants performance is a magical experience. The band, in various configurations, has been experimenting and collaborating for 20 years (part of that time in Bloomington). They’re “a wild, Appalachia-by-way-of-the-Middle East hyper-speed gypsy caravan that’s as baffling as it is inspiring and hilarious” (Secretly Canadian). Their adventurous, tremendously appealing music sounds mysterious, and rollicking, and vaguely familiar to the casual listener, but for the audiophile, the Elephants’ influences are clear: Zappa, Ralph Stanley, film scores, jazz, Eastern flavors, country, space pop. And so much more. “Listening to the Japonize Elephants is like being at a supersonic hillbilly hoedown that has been mysteriously transplanted into a Transylvanian cartoon” (Denver Post). They started it all right here in B-town, and they’re back for Lotus #20.

Saturday, Sept. 28

8:45 – 10 p.m. / Bluebird (21+ only)


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