On Stage at Edible Lotus

Who is this man, and why is he wearing a fez and a grass skirt? {Hint: He’s a bit of a clown. And he has a way with fleas.} Come to the Edible Lotus Night Bazaar to see what he’s up to, and to catch more fab performances.


The Edible Lotus Night Bazaar ~ Performance Line-Up!


Hogwire Stringband

Superb fiddling, tight harmonies, high energy, and a direct link with tradition infuse the Hogwire Stringband’s brand of American roots music. Hogwire is: Brad Leftwich (fiddle), Linda Higgenbotham (banjo uke and five-string), Joel Lensch (guitar and vocals), Marielle Abell (clogging, bass, and vocals). A fixture of Bloomington’s music & dance community, Hogwire Stringband have recently released their first CD, Rascal Fair.











Jungle Joe’s Flea Circus

The one & only Joe Lee (pictured at top) – illustrious illustrator, certified clown, rakish raconteur, and bon vivant – presents Jungle Joe and his fabulist Flea Circus!

~ Dazzling Acts of Derring-Do! ~
~ Narrowly Averted Disaster! ~
~ Heart-Warming Reunions! ~
~ Hysterical Laughter! ~
~ Professionally Trained Fleas Nurtured from Youth! ~



Jason Fickel & Ginger Curry Band

Jason’s killer slide guitar, finger-lickin’ pickin’, and wry lyrics combine to create a musical experience whose roots in the blues are nourished by the rich barrelhouse vocals of singer Ginger Curry. The Life has taken Jason from the Deep South to the wilds of Rhode Island biker bars; from there to Chicago and on to Indiana. Raised in the tradition of gospel music, Ginger was a choir teacher for years before giving herself over to the blues – and Sunday School’s loss is our gain. Jason & Ginger’s latest CD release is Jokerville.









Paul Kirk Jazz Quartet + 1

Theoretical mathematician and jazz guitarist Paul Kirk and the other members of his ensemble have developed their intricate rhythm signatures and cool improvisational flow by playing music together – off and on, and in many different contexts & configurations – for many years. Paul is joined by Jeremy Allen (bassist & IU Music professor), Dustin Lorenzi (saxophonist & IU Jazz Studies student), Ben Lumsdaine (drummer & IU Jazz Studies student), and Kyle Quass (trumpeter, composer, & arranger).


Panache Dance

Panache Dance co-owners Sandy and Scott Myers promise to take regular people like you & me and turn them into dancing stars … and their Edible Lotus showcase demonstrates only three of the many ways you can move from the sidelines to the spotlight. A local independent studio, Panache offers the services of highly trained professionals in the areas of American and International ballroom dance, nightclub dance, Latin dance, dance aerobics, and more.











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