Friends of Lotus

Friends of Lotus help underwrite everything: from Lotus Blossoms and summer arts outreach, to the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival and the Lotus-Fitzgerald Endowment.

Every gift counts; every gift makes a difference to thousands of people — of all ages — who experience Lotus programs each year.

Use the “Donate” button on this page to make an on-line donation now or to set up a monthly sustaining gift.  Friends of Lotus gifts are tax-deductible; for more information, call 812-336-6599.

To support Lotus by sponsoring an event through your business, please visit our Event Sponsorship section for full information.

We update this page once a year, in January; if you have made a donation to Lotus and do not see your name on our list, please contact Development Director Kristin Varella (812-336-6599 or kristin {at} lotusfest {dot} org).

Thank you to our 2013 Friends of Lotus!

Lotus Visionary ($5,000+)

Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund   Festival
The Family of Michael and Joseph Fitzgerald    Endowment
Jan Grant & David Lawler    Festival, Blossoms, Endowment
Judy Klein & Malcolm Dalglish    Endowment, Festival, Blossoms
The Raymond Foundation  Blossoms, Endowment
Lee Williams & Carol Simmons    Endowment, Blossoms, Festival, General

Lotus Global Voice ($2,500-$4,999)

Jill Bolte Taylor    Festival
Ruth & Douglass Boshkoff    Festival, Blossoms, Endowment
Patty & Danny Callison    Blossoms, Festival, Endowment
Sandra Clark    Endowment
Bev Colin & Matt Orrego    Festival
Candice Foss & Armen Vartian    Blossoms, Festival
LuAnne & Bill Holladay    Blossoms, Festival, Endowment
Tom & Sherry Knighton-Schwandt    Endowment
Keith Lyle    Endowment
Shawn Reynolds & Pam Eddy    Blossoms, General
Paul Sturm & Chris Lamar    Endowment, Festival
Paul & Charlotte Zietlow    Festival, Blossoms, Endowment, General

Lotus Benefactor ($1,500-$2,499)

Jane Clay & Gary Hafner    Festival, Endowment, General
Mary Goetze & Bob Althauser    Endowment, Festival, Blossoms
Houston Family Foundation    Endowment
Laura Plummer & Mike Nelson    Blossoms, Festival, Endowment, General
Jason & Kristina Simmonds    Blossoms, Festival

Lotus Encore ($1,000-$1,499)

Geri Cowell    General
Gordon & Stephanie Dyott    Festival
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Eibling    Endowment
Tom Gallagher & Nancy Lethem    Endowment
Melody Gongwer    Endowment
Dan & Beth Lodge-Rigal     Festival
Charles & Sharon McKeen    Festival
Kevin Montague    Endowment
Andy & Barbara Qualls    General
Nancy Shin    Endowment
Rob Stone & Karen Green Stone    Festival
Jo Throckmorton & Jillian Kinzie    Festival
Doug & Kristin Varella    Blossoms, Endowment, General
Jonah & Ilona Willsey    General

Lotus Main Stage ($500-$999)

Charles & Kathy Aiken     Endowment, General
Jennifer Bass & Michael Hamburger    General
Mark & Mary Clare Bauman    General, Endowment
Carolina Beebe    Endowment
Cindy & Craig Blorstad    Festival, Blossoms
Fred & Beth Cate    Festival
Doug & Sam Eibling    Endowment, Blossoms, General
Sandra & James Hertling    Hertling Fund, Blossoms
Mark Hood & Chris Haack    General
Brandi Host    Festival, Blossoms, Endowment
Deb Hutton & Sharon Yarber    Blossoms, Endowment
Mary McCarty    Endowment, Festival, Blossoms
Michael & Laurie McRobbie    Festival, Endowment
Linda Raymond & Michael Cain    General
Shawn Reynolds & Pam Eddy    Blossoms
Sarah Ryterband    Festival
Glenda Schulz & Faith Hawkins    Festival
Sharon Stefanek & Steve Hedges    Endowment, General


Lotus Showcase ($250-$499)

Sandra Bate    Festival
Mark & Tanja Bisesi    Festival
Mark & Katie Bradford    Endowment
Marsha Bradford & Harold Dumes    Blossoms
Patrick Brantlinger    General
David & Margery Byrne    General
Jim Calli & Ann Marie Thomson    Festival
Chris & Melissa Clark    Festival, Endowment
Helen Clay    Endowment
Harriet & Bill Fierman    General, Blossoms
Molly & Doug Grant    Festival, General
Kimberly Gray   Blossoms, Endowment, General
Stephen & Joe Ellen Ham    Endowment, General
Frank & Becky Hrismalos    Festival
Wayne Jackson    General
Tamara Loewenthal & Jamie Gans    Festival, Endowment, Blossoms
Nancy Lorey    General
Loraine Martin    Festival, Endowment, Blossoms
Merrill & Deborah Piston Hatlen    General, Endowment
Daniel & Sherri Plummer    General
Ellen Plummer & James Spencer    General
Bob Poortinga & Barbara Hawkins    Endowment
Ron & Frona Powell    General
Lauren Robel & Steve Thrasher    General
Eliot & Pamela Smith    Endowment
Lon Stevens    Festival
Sally Sturgeon    General
Greg Volan & Katrina Topalov    Endowment
Diane Ward    General

Lotus Friends ($100-$249)

Jim Ackerman    Hertling Fund
Danise & Mat Alano Martin    Festival
Nina & Michael Alexeev    General
Deborah Allmayer    Blossoms
Julie Auger & Yves Brun    General
Kathy Avers    Festival
Lynn & Tom Bagley    General
Sarah Baumgart & Bill Lozowski    General
Wendy & Ed Bernstein    Endowment, Hertling Fund
Raglind Binkley    General
Boyan Boiadjiev & Kayleigh Lebak    Festival
Gail Bridges-Rea    General
James & Anne Bright    General
Dave Brodin & Tiffany Kinney    General
Helen & Leland Butler    Hertling Fund
John Byers    General
Jim Caughlin & Leanne Ellis    Festival
Fred & Sandra Churchill    Blossoms
Maureen Coulter    Endowment
Pamela & Jef Davidson & Family    General
Romeo & Imelda Domingo    Festival
Melinda & Sterling Doster    General
Mike & Sally Dunn    General
Rick & Diana Dupree    Festival
Sunni Fass & Robert Gobin    General
William Fatout    General
Mark Feddersen & Kate Myers    Blossoms, Festival
Bob Flynn, Yvonne Wittmann & Family    Festival, Blossoms
Patricia Foster & Andrew Hanson    General
Margaret & Richard Frisbie    General
Kimberly Geeslin    General
Mary Fran Gilbert & Keith Bartlett    Endowment
Billy Giles    General
Henry Glassie & Pravina Shukla    Blossoms, General
Jim & Connie Glen    General
Sharon Grimble    General
Chris & Kathy Gutowsky    Blossoms
Rajih & Darlene Haddawi    Festival
Laura Haley    General
Suzanne & James Halvorson    General
Melinda Hamilton    Festival, Blossoms
Russell & Connie Hanson    Hertling Fund
Anne Hazeltine    General
Carla Hedges    General
Julia Heiman & Johan Verhulst    General
Steve Hendricks    General
Monty & Janna Hocker    General
Chris Holmes & David Burkhart    General
Cindy Houston    General
Mary Hubbard    Blossoms
Linda Hunt & Timothy Morrison    General
Chris & Victorian Huntington    Festival, Endowment
Peter Jacobi    Endowment
Martha Jacobs    General
Donald & Wendy Jensen    General
Sandra Jones    Festival
Ellen Ketterson    Festival
Deborah Klein & Justen Andrews    Festival
Jim Krause & Anne Hurley    Endowment
Jay Ladin    General, Festival
Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet    Hertling Fund
John & Julie Lawson    Festival, General
Mitzi Lewison    General
Le Anne Lipe    General
Michael Litwin & Mary Blizzard    General
Todd Lothery    General
Rebecca Manring    Festival
Pat & Jane Martin    Festival
Portia Maultsby    General
Nan McEntire    General
Lee & Marla McKinley    Festival
Robert Meitus & Carrie Newcomer    Festival
Marta & John Miller    General
Louise & Rick Miracle    Festival
Tim Mishler    General
Alison La Rosa Móntez    Blossoms
Gilbert Mordoh    Blossoms
Patricia Muller & Jill Jolliff    Blossoms, General, Endowment
Ivy Lee Nehamkin    General
Patricia Newforth    Blossoms
Deborah Norris    Blossoms, General
Eric & Patty Orth    Endowment
Anne & Gary Palmer    Blossoms, General
Sean Pendergast    Endowment
Charles & Linda Pickle    General
Elizabeth & David Plant    General
Gertrude Plummer    General
Grant Plummer    General
Sue Polsgrove    Blossoms
William & Prima Popkin    Blossoms, Endowment
Dru Presti-Springfellow    Festival
Pamela Raider    General
Jessica Reed    Blossoms, Festival
Tom & Dee Rillo    Endowment
Edward & Claire Robertson    Endowment
Laurence Rosenhein    Endowment
Tim & Sharon Roualet    Endowment
Kathy & Al Ruesink    General
Jerard & Nancy Ruff    General
Louise Schlesinger    Hertling Fund
Carol Seaman    Festival
Carol Shapiro    General, Blossoms
Esther Smail    General – In memory of Steve Smail
Cathy Spiaggia & Duncan Campbell    Endowment
Gary Staley    Endowment
George Stohner    General
Bran & Antonella Thurmond     Blossoms, Endowment
Maggie Upsall & Dan Miller    Festival, Endowment
Scott & Pam Walters    Endowment
John & Linda Whikehart    General
Sonya Wolen & Richard Gilbert    General
Anne & Bob Wrenn    Festival


Lotus Donor (up to $99)

Marielle Abell    General
Patricia & Gates Agnew    Festival
Joann  Alexander & Tim Tilton    Blossoms
Colin & Lynn Allen    Blossoms
Evelyn Alwine    General
Ed & Gin Anderson    General
Jennifer Anderson    Festival
Hayden & Byron Bangert    Blossoms
Jessica Barley    Blossoms
Cindy Beaulé    Festival
Judy Bennett    General
Nancy Boatner    Festival
Joseph Bonanno & Mary Beth Fleeger    Blossoms
Susan Bookout & Deandra Wallace    Festival
Jennifer & Chris Borland    Festival
Melissa Britton    Blossoms
Lauren Bryant & Mark Menefee    Festival
Doris Burton    Blossoms
Maggie Burton    Festival
Bruce & Inta Gale Carpenter    General
Marie Carpenter    Endowment
Lawrence Carter & Beth Easter    Blossoms
Nick & Janice Clark    Blossoms
Andrew Cobine     Blossoms
Kenya Cockerham    Festival
Mary & Clyde Conger    Endowment
Mary Alice Cox & Jim Koch    General
Jesus & Char Dapena    General
Josh David    General
Melissa Anne Dinverno & Alejandro Mejias-Lopez     Blossoms
Robert Duffy & Kay Benedict    Festival
Ellen Dwyer    Festival
Sybil & John Eakin    Endowment
Susanna & David Fennema    General
Susan Fernandes & Michael Hoff    General
Margaret Fette    Festival
Robert & Lucy Fischman    Festival
Sally Gaskill & Massimo Ossi    Blossoms
Lisa Gershkoff    Festival
Lynne Gilliatt    Blossoms
Madeleine Gonin    Festival
Viviannette Gonzalez    Blossoms
Susie & Andy Graham    Festival
Joan Greene    Blossoms
Charlotte Griffin    General
Laura & Anthony Hammack    Blossoms
Linda Handelsman    Festival
Sophia Hauserman & Gene Arnholt    General
Anne & Chris Haynes    General
Bill Hays    General
Eric Heckler    General
Audrey Heller    Festival
Israel Herrera Cardenas    Blossoms
Ruth Hickman    General
Liese Hilgeman    Festival
Kate Hoerchler    Blossoms
Richard & Lois Holl    General
Jan Holloway & Bob Horton    General
Tom Hougham & Ann Deutch    Endowment
Rick & Sharon Howard General
Mark & Kimberley Hurley    Festival
Janice Isaac    Festival
Ron & Maria Izzo-Walker    Blossoms, Festival, Endowment
Olga Kalentzidou & Stephen Ball    Festival
Brian Kearney    General
Katherine & Daniel Kearns    Festival
Barre Klapper & Jeremy Shere    Blossoms
Susan Klein & Robert Agranoff    Blossoms
Carrol Krause & Frank Reiter    Festival
Nancy Krueger & Brian Garvey    Blossoms
Harriet & James Kulis    Festival
Jim & Catherine Laughlin    General
Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham    Festival
Susan Leyrer Holland    Blossoms
George & Carolyn Lipson-Walker    Festival
Barbara Livesey    Festival
Michael Lundell & Cynthia Bannon    Festival
Chris Mandeville    Blossoms
Shalimar Manwani    Blossoms
Celeste & Mike McGregor    General
Barbara McKinney    Generel
Cristian Medina    Blossoms
Roger & Sally Meridith    General
Andreas & Ellen Michel   Festival
Lee Mysliwiec & Elizabeth Gwynn    Festival
Jeff & Kelly Nelson    Blossoms
Laura Newton    Festival
Sarah & David Noggle    Festival
James & Anna Ochoa Becker    General
Paul Papier    General
John Peterson    General
Bob & Peggy Petranoff    Blossoms
Harriet Pfister    General
Margaret Radke    Festival
David & Terry Ransel    General
Lislott Richardson    Blossoms
Mark Richardson    Festival
Nancy Richman    Endowment
Stanley Ritchie Hertling Fund
Crystal Ritter    Festival
Shana Ritter & Manolo Hernández-Martín    Blossoms
Dan & Benito Rivera    Festival
Alvin & Erna Rosenfeld    Blossoms
Patti & Chuck Russo    General
Alberto Samaniego    General
Susan & Sarah Sandberg    Festival
Scott & Ruth Sanders    Blossoms
Leonice Santamaria     Blossoms
Dr. & Mrs. J Stephen Schechter    Blossoms
Marge Schrag    Blossoms
Lisa Scully    General
Michael Shermis    Festival
Annette Sisson & Jimmy Davis    General
Donna Smith    Blossoms
Louise & Bruce Smith    Blossoms
Tracy & Jamie Smith    Blossoms
Kayla Snell    Blossoms
Kim Stahl    Blossoms
Kathy Starks-Dyer    General
Peg Stice & Brice Adams    Festival
Toby Strout & Bob Arnove    Blossoms
Diane & Terence Thayer    General
Jerrold & Patricia Ulrey    General
Holly & Tom Underwood    General
Gracia Valliant    Blossoms
Ann & James Vaughn    Blossoms
Marcia Veldman General
Jo Ann Vogt    Festival
Teri Watkins    Festival
Linda & Terrell Williamson     Blossoms
Rosalind Wolen    General
Collette & Kevin Zumbrun    Blossoms

Last updated: September 2014